Thursday, October 23, 2008

Apple Betty
First off, i need to say these ladies are very nice in person. Now, normally when someone starts a review like that, they proceed to bash the band. Well, I am not going to do that.

I like em. mix punk with a little rockabilly. And, yeah, mix in girls singing. The tunes are a little pop but not in that annoying Hanson way.

Why is it that when I hear or see a "girl band" I almost always get turned off immediately. It is not the term, you could call them "chick band; dickless; boobie empowered; band of only woman" WHATEVER. It is not the term, but the entire concept of only girls in a band. I always assume that it must be some marketing thing. Sort of like when a band claims Frank Zappa as their major influence. I don't dislike girl bands, it just always makes me think of what their "musicians wanted" ad looked like "Girl drummer and guitarist looking for chick bass player that rocks and has pro gear."

They have just released a new album ABCD and based on the tracks avaible on their myspace page. Go take a listen, it is pretty good!

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