Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ampeg BA115 Bass Combo

What a great amp for a cheap price. It has 100 watts of power so this is great for playing out, recording or at home practicing.
If you are playing out with a band, this is the amp for you.  It has a balanced xlr output so no need to use a direct box! If you are playing out you are most likely going to be using the XLR output to run direct to the board and then also mic'ing your amp (with a sm57). It also has enough power to give you a nice monitor for your sound. plus IT IS LIGHT! So you won't toss out your back when you are dragging it from your basement to your car and then into the club.
Tone: It has the tone that you would except from an Ampeg. However, the tone switch is really just a piece of crap. There are 5 tones settings, that I guess you could use, But I did not like them. It takes a while to fine a good tone and these switches just seemed to mess is all up. I suggest using the three control knobs for the best control.
Check out Musicians Friend to buy your own!