Friday, October 24, 2008

Review: Black Suit Youth

Black Suit Youth

The problem with lots of local bands is that the vocals suck. A lot of time you have to sort of ignore the vocals and look past the sucky singing. Saying things like "emotional vocal" hide the real truth, "this band has a singer who should take a vow of silence." Black Suit Youth does not have this problem. The singer has some serious pipes.

Could Black Suit Youth be punk? Could they be metal? Could they be post modern bla bla bla... yeah they could be classified that way. Who cares, it doesn't matter because it is amazingly good. If Blink 182 met Tubring in a back alley, Black Suit Youth would be the product.

The music has nice use of changes to prevent you from getting bored. The drummer is one of the more entertaining drummers I have heard in a while. He does not over play, does not under play.

Do yourself a favor, check em out.

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